Welcome to "The Free Bay".

"The Free Bay" is a private self-hosted, self-managed and self-ruled ISP that offers a wide range of services to individuals at no cost.

  • It is "private" because we try to act and operate looking for the best approach to secure connections, storage, access and usage of our services. We don't exchange our information and our data with anybody.
  • It is "self-hosted" because our servers are hosted in our own datacenter. None of our infrastructure is deployed or stored outside of our facilities.
  • It is "self-managed" because we are the unique administrators of the whole infrastructure. Not outsourced, no delegated, not uncontrolled functions or operations.
  • It is "self-ruled" because we operate under our own terms. We don't want to accept any kind of pressure, threat or coercion from third parts.
  • It is "to individuals" because we want to maintain a personalized relation with each one of our users, from the first to the last one.
  • It is "no cost" because we are using all those services for ourselves and therefore we don't need to charge their maintenance cost to our users.
  • We intend to offer our services mainly to spanish and catalan people. There are exceptions, of course.
  • And finally, "we" is "me".