Join us

How to join us and use our services? It's very easy.

First of all you should join the crew of the "Eye Of The Beholder". Yes, it's real, it's a BBS, one of the last ones but it's still active and fully accessible through Internet. Why do you should join the Beholder? Because we're a community and most of our users are there, talking, discussing, lurking... Over time some of them have left the BBS but they can continue using our services. But the starting point is, and must be, the Beholder.

And then, what? Well, it's a question of time. We need to know about you and learn how you are, how you think, how you act... and expecting you to do the same with us. Once we get confidence... it's time to ask for access to services.

(Please, keep in mind that we are offering our services mainly to spanish and catalan people. But we can make an exception, of course.)