Some of the services we are offering are:

  • Email account
    • An inbox using some of the Internet Domains we are managing at The Free Bay:
      • ... (ask us)
    • Webmail access using the well-known SquirrelMail interface,
    • SMTP, POP and IMAP access,
    • A backend mail server built using postfix, courier, spamassassin and postgrey among others.
    • All related services are secured using TLS/SSL.
  • Cloud services
    • Some of the apps brought by ownCloud software.
  • Blog hosting
    • We can host limited instances of the lightweight CMS "PivotX".
  • BBS membership
    • We run a full-featured classic BBS open to new users, offering the usual classic services:
      • Local & networked message boards,
      • File Areas,
      • Telnet and Web access.
  • Fidonet membership
    • We are a nodelisted member of Fidonet and we can provide:
      • Limited membership as a Point.
      • Full membership as a Node.
  • Consultancy
    • The community around The Free Bay can answer a lot of questions in the message boards.

All services are built with open source software -when it's possible- and Debian.